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Moodle – instructions

Some KAE courses use Moodle as a course management system. Moodle contains more detailed instructions and information regarding courses, study materials and assignments. It also allows students to submit their completed assignments. Access to Moodle (website): This is the website address of Moodle home page. Once there, students can either participate/enrol in courses or access them as a guest. (If you proceed through the following steps but you cannot view the course, please try again later as the course is not yet ready for student access. The courses are made accessible on Moodle only shortly before they start). For guest access, click on Login as a guest, then click on the name of the course to browse it. Login as a guest is, however, not sufficient, if you are obliged to use Moodle while frequenting the course – in that case, you must be enrolled in the course – see bellow. If you are logged in Moodle (you have an account) and only want to participate/enroll in a new (another) course, you do not need to create a new account, you use the same account with which you participate/enroll in the new course. To participate/enroll in a new course (and also in the first course after creating an account) go to the Title page or follow this link: Once you click on the name of a course, you access its main page. There, in the section Settings – Course administration below, you can click to Enroll in the course. If you want to participate/enroll in a course and this is your first time on Moodle, click on Sign up in the upper right corner on the Moodle home page. Here, you can also switch the user language. Create an account following the instructions in section Is this your first time here? Create an username, which will allow the teacher to identify you clearly! If you cannot be clearly identified by your username, you are not considered to be participating in the course. After you fill out the New account form, you will be asked to click on the confirmation link sent on the email address provided in the New account form in order to confirm your account. This email should be delivered within 15 minutes. Only after you confirm your account can you login to Moodle (on Moodle homepage click on Login and enter your username and password) and enrol in a course. After logging in, choose the teacher, whose course you intend to take and choose the course by clicking on its name (this is not connected with signing up in STAG in any way!). Once you click on the name of a course, you access its main page. There, in the section Settings – Course administration below, you can click to Enroll in the course.

Emails sent from Moodle

Each Moodle course can send email notifications about activity in course, new forum post etc. There are dozens of emails per day in very active courses. If you want to avoid the email flood, please pay attention to your personal account settings in Moodle. Log into Moodle, find Settings – My profile settings – Edit profile. Change Email digest type from default No digest (single email per forum post) to one which suits you better, ie. Complete (daily email with full posts).

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Passwords are the weakest link of security, be careful to use a password that no one can guess. You surely do not want to lose all your data only because you chose a weak password that someone used against you. To access Moodle, a password must have at least 8 symbols, which must contain at least one lower case letter, one capital letter and one number. A safe password is best created by using a set of symbols that makes no sense, i.e. do not exist in any language. You can use blending to remember such a password. If you like fried chicken and the year 1994, you can create a password like: FRIchiEDcken1994 You can also create a password composed of first letters of a popular poem, song, quotation etc. For example Hickory Dickory Dock The Mouse Ran Up The Clock gives a safe set of symbols: Hddtmrutc to which you add a number of your choice. To check the strength of your password you can use this application that is entirely safe and does not save your password. NOTIFICATION for users of email addresses On account of long term problems with email addresses of Seznam, it is not recommended to use them to access Moodle, especially if they contain capital letters, e.g.: The confirmation link will probably fail to arrive on such email address and you will not be able to access Moodle. If you do not have any other email, you can create one for free, for example on, which have not caused any trouble to Moodle users. Notes and recommendations: Do not send any emails to the email address from which the confirmation link is sent! Always login to Moodle before you work with it! The teacher can monitor your activity in Moodle and if you access the course as a guest, your activity will not be displayed. If you submit assignments into Moodle, do not forget to click on Submit assignment to completely submit your assignment for grading.