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Milé studentky a studenti,

dovoluji si Vás oslovit s nabídkou účasti ve výzkumu, který realizuje prof Eddie Fisher. Prof E. Fisher je výzkumným partnerem Katedry aplikované ekonomie a Katedry psychologie v oblasti projektového řízení a nových metod komunikace.

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Dear Research Participant,

I would like to ask you to help me progress some management research I have started in the area of persuasion/influencing. I have carried out some extensive literature review and now wish to bring in the views and opinions of others. Next steps will be to conduct some face to face interviews with managers and also set up a focus group meetings with these managers.

I would appreciate it if you could be so kind enough to answer the research questions below as best as you can, using either your knowledge of the subject matter or perhaps some practical experiences from real life. Anything goes, as they say! Feel free to be as specific and explicit as you wish to be. Any contribution is much appreciated.

Kindly forward your completed form to my E-mail address.

Many thanks for your time and co-operation.

Best regards, Prof Eddie Fisher, United Kingdom


LinkedIn: Prof Dr Eddie Fisher

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