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Interesting material from prof. Hertel for the students


Last week Germany has realized a very unusual procedure: Nearly 200 professors of economy signed an open letter against the German as well as the European Union policy in terms of the so called „European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)“.
This scientific paper is substantial and valued in its arguments in a way worthy for studying.

The dokument is available here,
The links to source pages are here: in German and in English.


Prof Herel’s professional achievements in March 2011

The articles are available here and here


News by prof. Hertel for April 2011

Prof. Hertel has the honour to be the head of the Award-Curatorium of the Walter-Masing-Award, doted with 10.000 EURO for special performance in theory and practice of QM, doted by the German Society of Quality (DGQ).
You can see the details here:

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